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Top Countries to Migrate from Nigeria 2022

Chuls Brown
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European countries and South Pacific regions are increasing major routes for those interested in finding greener pastures. 

One of such top destinations are Spain, Ireland, Canada Australia, Greece, New Zealand, Portugal, Thailand, Mexico, Italy, Brazil

The first pick of top destinations that nigerians are craving for are Canada, Australia, UK, US and the likes of it. 

Why Canada seem to be a hot pick is that their alot of jobs for immigrants. The Canadian people are getting the basic things of life from their government and are very much okay with it. A greater percentage of Canadians do not want to work. 

Another factor is the insurgence of Covid-19 which cause a high spiked need for workers. Their are different kinds of jobs available for different classifications of workers. Classified under Noc codes. These are A, B, C and D which skills level drops as it get respectively.

Canada also have different entry system to invite immigrants for a 5 years permanent residency. 

Unlike the UK where prejudice exist, Canadian government put it into law for employers to reserve same right for immigrant as they would a Canadian employee.

Cost of living is a bit cheaper compared to Australia, UK. They are welcoming toward immigrants and is one of the top safe destinations for immigrants.

Australia falls second in my list. Share similarities as to GDP, population and deposition of the Australian people towards immigrants. Some prefer Australia because it is more career oriented compared to Canada. 

Australia doors are open for immigrants. Just like Canada, Australia are in need of career individuals to immigrate to their country and help boost their economy

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Would like to know the requirements concerning Germany

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What are the requirements of the United kingdom??