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How Can One Become a Professional Football player

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Comments please. Am in my teen aspiring to become a professional player. 

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Since your still young and passionate about football. Why not join a football academy. Their are professional academy available in Nigeria. 

Football Academy are usually own by clubs. Academy are direct entry to be signed to a club. Academy are like the first to go hub for trained talents. Most popular footballers started from an academy. 

To join and participate. You would be accessed and if clarified. You would be handed an application form you need to fill and attached some important documents. Like birth certificate, photograph, medical clearance ur in good health, credentials if any. Average to stardard academy, barely cost 100k depends. 

Here list of top home and foreign football clubs. For more info checkout siwesbeginner

  1. Papilo Football Academy
  2. Barcelona Football Academy (FCBEscola)
  3. Pepsi Football Academy (PFA)
  4. The International (Sports) Academy (TIA)

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Join football academy