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How can i make money on Instagram?

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How can i make money on instagram and other social media platforms?


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Can become a brand influencer

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3 ways to make money on Instagram. 

  1. Sponsorship ads
  2. Affiliate Marketing 
  3. Sell Instagram account

Sponsored ads: if you've grown a targeted number of followers with decent engagement on your posts, you can think of monitizing through sponsored ads. What all this big Instagram account does is that, they offer sponsored ads to new Instagram accounts that want to grow their followers.

Skits makers in Nigeria make money selling sponsored ads too. These accounts charge about 1.5 million per post. This because they have high engagement on their post. Who doesn't like comedy. 

Affiliate marketing: This is another superb way to monitize and make money on Instagram. Brand Influencer marketing is huge. For example, Davido is an example of an influencer. Of recent, he ask his fans to comment 100k #standstrongfoundation and he got more than 100k within days. Incredible. 

Instagram accounts that are not Influencer can still make big money by promoting or recommending products to thier fans. If your in the weight-loss or investment niche,  make sure to promote quality product on weight-loss. Don't,  because of money recommend bad products to your fan. Recently, some Nigerian Instagram influencer recommend bad investment business that made fans loose all their money. 

Sell an Instagram Account 

This is also Lucrative. Growing an Instagram account from scratch and selling for profits. It cost zero naira to create a new Instagram account. Except you want to buy, do some work and resell for profits. Instagram Account can sell as high as 5 million naira. If you know how to grow an Instagram account fast, then you can make money from it. 

Here are lists of websites you can buy Instagram accounts in nigeria

Fameswap 🍁: Fameswap is biggest market place for selling social media accounts. If you got Instagram account to flip. Head on and make some money. 

Other Instagram market place are:

Social Tradia
Insta Sale
Too Fame
ACC Farm
Viral Instas