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Bitcoin or FOREX Trading which is the best for a beginner?

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I need your opinion I'm thinking about trading but I don't know which to go for cause I don't want to loose too much money

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The risk in forex trading is high. You can lose all your money in a blink. You'd see individuals claiming they have had success trading and trading for others. Some are legit and while many are not. 

In my opinion, any business I can't do by my self is not a business. Many Nigerians have lost their money to this "I can trade for you people" with no account of how their money was used.

If you want to venture into forex. My brother come back. Except you're a pro, and you've done it an know what you doing.

Cryptocurency on the other hand is better, in my opinion. Huge profits are made from Cryptocurency investments in Nigeria. The risk are high too, because crypto currency are highly volatile and so can rise as high in profit and can fall as low to losses. Cryptocurency is even better than stocks. Is now the revolutionized stock market. 

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A friend of mine lost millions in trading. All because a friend convinced her that their is someone good in trading that can trade her. This person made way with billions of naira. Forex risk na A1. No try am if you no sabi