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Did You Set A Resolution With Your Mate This Year🙄👇

Oge Love
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Yes, we are no longer in a new year. Fast approaching mid-year. Let me ask again, did you and your mate make a resolution this year.

Goals are what defines us as individuals and that's why everyone's goals are slightly or completely different from the other.

When goals are set an achieved, it make you discover a special part of you and you feel alot confident to achieve even bigger goals.

Achievement bring happiness, self worth and makes you feel super good about your self

In a relationship, romance is not only what's important. Setting a goal or goals together can strengthen your relationship, whether dating, engaged or married. 

When you reach goals together and help each other fulfill independent goals. Is like two captains sailing a ship during stormy weather to a final destination. 

Take for example your are paired with someone your not in a talking terms with. You both have no choice than to communicate and bring ideas and make it work.

Now what happens between you two after the end of the project. You discover something appreciative about the other that you wouldn't get know or care to find out on your own. 

I never knew you this smart and kind o, am really glad I had the chance to work with you. Me too🤗 friendship done start

So it never to late to get started, never say never. You could start with simple goals and then advance... 

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Thanks oge love, wetin u na true talk. I have tried before together with my babe. We start but no no when we stop. But it helped us that then. Just the will and determination to continue we lost. Sure gave it a try again Cool