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3 Steps You Must Ta...
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3 Steps You Must Take Before Criticism

Chuls Brown
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Let's get this fact, whenever you disapprove someone of something, you wouldn't considered it criticism. It is the disapproved person that see it as criticism and likely use an excuse to invalidate what you have said.

You hear things like: Ee leave am, na you Sabi pass, na you righteous pass, you only see my fault but don't recognize or accept yours.

Generally, It is difficult for people to accept a part of them is wrong or needs adjustment. To help them accept criticism you have to comoflage it or repackage it into something nice. 

Three steps you must take before criticising your mate. 

1. Make Apologies

2. Compliments your mate

3. Take Responsibility 


So let talk this a little deeper



Apologizing before criticism prepares the heart of your mate to accept it. Everyone want to be loved and respected. If you show your mate you take cognizant of their feelings,  you'd win them without a fight.

You could say:

Please dear their something I want to bring to your attention, I hope you wouldn't feel bad about it.

Please don't feel bad about what am about to say. 


Compliment Your Mate. 

Compliment are like gentle massage applied over a stressed muscle. Compliments can make your mate smile and rejoice over the good things you've said.

Make it habit of complimenting your mate. This would give an impression you value them. They want you to think positively of them, most especially the female spouse. Compliment comes from heart and theirs no better way of saying it, so don't fake it. 

Take Responsibility 

Anyone who has a sense of responsibility is willing to do the needful to get it done. Taking responsibility before criticism involves that you don't exempt yourself from the picture. 

You could say:

What do you think, let's work on a particular area of ourselves. You firstly mention one thing I should work on and Id tell you yours. It's a deal. 

Their something I want to bring your mind on. Am hoping work at it together. 

In conclusions, before criticism take the initiative to prepare an enabling environment. You could have a fun time together and at the end address the matter in a loving way. Always assure your mate of your love for them.