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Offline or Online?: Work preference.

Ugochukwu Irondi
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Working online or working offline?

Which is more profitable and convenient??


James Okpu
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When compared to the offline world, working online is more profitable. Unlike the offline world, where you need a lot of money to get started, starting an online business is simple.

When an internet business is completely operational and lucrative, it is simply scaled. Some businesses have few employees and are therefore simple to operate.

There is an increasing urge to expand in order to attain larger markers because there is so much to achieve. Businesses can target a specific demographic without having to be in a specific place.

Gobagidi liked
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@james I agree with you. Nothing beats working or making a sustainable income online in Nigeria. I was once a teacher and I am scheduled to teach from Monday to Friday. I am expected to be present in school and my classes. But when I was introduced to online tutoring. Men, I work at ease.

Working online is so flexible and confortable. I work at the comfort of my home. I also make sustainable income that can not be compared to the peanuts I was making. 

Oge Love
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Online is my is my work preference. Nothing can beat that. You don't need certification