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How to Monitize a Social Media Account

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I have a Facebook and Instagram account I want to monitize but don't know how to make money from them. How many followers do I need before I can monitize. 

How many views and subscribers do I need to apply for monitization on youtube. 

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I don't no how much engagement your getting on your Instagram page. If your getting reasonable engagement you could use this method.

Promote affliate products on your page. If your in the tech niche look for products that works with your niche or audience. 

Their are so many affliate websites you could start for free. 

Clickbank: they have array of products in different niches to choose from.

CJ know as Commission Junction is a good affliate website used by nigerian to make money online. Others include, Shareasale. Another popular one is warriorplus.

Which ever you decide to go for. You could host affliate link on a landing page or website if you choose and add to your Instagram profile. You could make a video recommending your product to your audience. 

Another option most used against is CPA Marketing (cost per action) where users performs a certain action and you get paid. This could be getting emails from a certain country called email submit, other are pin submit and more. 

These are good cpA websites to start from: cpalead, cpagrip, maxbounty etc

Another method is to sell sponsored ads. It could be in form of an image or video advertising a particular product.


You need a 1000 subscribers and 4000 hrs of views to apply and join YouTube monitization program.