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How to get started on YouTube in Nigeria

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Want to start making passive income on YouTube as a side hustle. Businesses are leverage the power of YouTube. Over 300 hours of videos are posted to YouTube every minute.

This creates an opportunity for businesses to grow their income, consumer base and broaden their reach.

In this post we'd walk you through the basics of getting started on YouTube, step by step. It's time to get your sleeve up and ready.


To get started, follow these teddy steps:


Create a Channel and Optimize

Creating a YouTube channel is easy. With just a few clicks, your business would be up and ready.

To properly setup a channel, you need to choose a Company Name, Add a Logo, Add A Channel Art, an About Page, as well as Channel Keywords.

These optimizations are like the face of your channel. It tells visitors what dey need to know about your channel and if they really need like to subcribe or not.

So make sure you make a first impression.


Select and target the appropriate market

In choosing a market to target you need to pick a niche. A niche is a large topic on which you can create series of videos about. Health, is an example of a niche or a specialized market. There are sub-niches under Health such as "Diabetics," "Nutrition," and so on.

It's crucial to target a specific niche or sub-niche with your channel. Don't make the mistake of attempting to cover all bases. You'd simply be a jack of all trades, master of none.

Instead of hiring an engineer who professes to be an electrician, mechanic, and chemical engineer, I'd rather hire a specialized electrician.

Focusing on a single field allows you to become an expert in that field since you may address it from various perspectives.

I'd recommend you pick a sub-niche to target. It comes with a lot of benefits such as higher rankings and authority.

Niche narrowed channels tend to perform better in terms of search and engagement, a signal that would compel YouTube to promote your content for free.


Make your very first video
It's understandable that making a video requires the use of a camera. If you can't afford it, it's an option. Another option is to use a screen/audio recorder. For Android and iOS devices, there are free and paid apps available online.

You must first pick a topic before talking about video recording.

It's simple to come up with a topics.
Brainstorm on possible topic ideas in your niche. Then go to YouTube search input those ideas and see if people are actually searching for it. If they are, and there is no channel discussing or properly addressing it. Is a go for topic. 


Upload and optimize your video
When you upload a video to YouTube, it becomes available on the platform.
That doesn't mean your targets audience would see it. You need to optimize for visibility.

To optimize video with these steps:

Rename video with "topic title"

In the process of uploading... 
In title: use topic or topic keywords
Description: use primary and secondary keywords and related keywords
Tags: appropriate keywords

However, if your topic is "how to cook," make sure to include it in the title, description, and tag.


Spread the word.
There are a variety of social sharing options available to help your video go viral. When you shared videos on social media platforms they automatically gain backlinks. Backlinks are interconnected links between YouTube and any social site you share a video. It signals YouTube how people are interacting with your content outside of YouTube. It also encourages visit to you videos that increase views count and engagement.


Maintain a regular schedule.
The most important thing is to maintain a level of consistency. To grow organically, you must be patient and keep doing what your doing.

If your post schedule is a routine of 2 post in a month, be consistent.


Participate in community .
Being a part of a focal group keeps you informed about current events in your field. Everything discussed is important to the community because it is a concentrated group.

This can give you some ideas for video topics to research on and create videos about. When a video answers members' questions, it's a great way to get more views and subscribers.