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26 side hustle to make money online in Nigeria

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You'd gladly agree, having an extra source of income put some more cash in your pocket and this automatically increases your budget and spending limit.

In Nigeria, we call this type of hustle "side hustle"

In this post you would discover 26 side hustles you can do online.

So let's get started


1. Youtube 💰
Make money from youtube

There's a huge potential making money on YouTube. Why?

Because, YouTube is the largest video streaming platform and second largest search engine after Google.

According to YouTube stats, users watch 1 billion hours of videos per day.

You can make a side income by creating and uploading quality videos on YouTube.

YouTube has a monitization feature called adsense. Which display advertisement whenever anyone watches your videos. You get to apply when your channel hit a 1000 subscribers and a 4000 watch hour.

That's a great potential don't you think.

Note that you just need:

Choose a good niche or topic
A camcoder/mobile phone/laptop


2. Naijakeke Buy & Sell Forum

Make money from Naijakeke Forum

So many of us who have been into the affiliate world would attest generating traffic online to sell a product requires time and skills. If you don't have money for ads, you have to use the free method. This require time and a lot of time before things start to pick up. It can be a lot of hustle. 

That's where Naijakeke comings in, it a platform to list and advertise your products. This could be used phones, generators, clothing, cars, real estate and more. All for free. You get to sell your product faster because advertising sections are narrowed to individual state in the country. 

So what you waiting for. 


3. Who is a Freelancer?

Freelancers are skill workers who offer their services for a certain amount. They get paid hourly, daily for a stipulated amount per job.

What make freelancing an exciting side hustle is that:

You get to choose your jobs per day

you get to recieve multiple paychecks from different clients.

So brainstorm a bit

Do you have special skill or services that you can offer for money?

For example: Are you a writer , programmer, web designer, voice over, translator, Etc.

Freelancing offers a side hustle income on what you love and enjoy doing.


3. Blogging
Make money blogging

Blogging is my favorite!

When it comes to blogging their are many ways to make money online

You earn from affiliate product, adsense, sponsored post and more.

I don't want to flame your mind. Blogging is a creative space that pays for your hansome work and you can do it as a side hustle.

Those who treaded blogging are making a sustainable income online. Some bloggers make averagely 2500-30000 dollars a month.


4. Web Design
Make money from web designing

Can you put programming codes together to create a beautify and functional website. You can make a full or side income from it.

For instance Jide, owner of Ogbogeblog, took the limitation in blogspot to his advantage.

His unique template design attracted customers and buyers to his blog and that increased his visibility as a blogger and programmer.

You can as well, offer value with your skills and services.


5. Create a Masterclass Course
Make money from masterclass courses

What is a Course?

A course, is an indepth guide to a specific topic or array of topics. This are made in format of videos, PDfs ,ebooks and can be given out for free or sold as a product.

The hard work spent on creating a single course can earn you a million times your initial investment.

Why is that so?

People are always searching for solutions to their problem. If you can desern people problem and profer a solution that works. Your not far from the money.

How about: 10 natural remedies that's cures Cancers.

Hope You get the piece of the pie.


6. Fiverr

Make money from fiverr

Fiverr is a frelancing market place where you can offer your services and make sustainable income online.

All u need as a beginner, is to offer your services as gigs, which cost $5 minimum. You can get started on fiverr by paying or asking customers to leave a reviews on you page. This tells potential customers you can deliver when they petronise you.


7. CPA Marketing 💰
Make money from CPA marketing

What is CPA marketing?
CPA means, cost per action. You get paid, whenever a user perform a required action. The most common CPA actions to chose and start earning money are:
Email Submit
Credit Card Submit
Pin Submit
Offers are usually from 0.6 to as high as 30$ per action performed.

For example, if a publisher requires you to collect email lead from a specific demography and niche. Publisher would pay you as soon as the user performs the action..

To simplify this, if a lead from the United States would earn you 1$, a 100 targeted leads from 100 user, would earn you a $100


8. Affliate Marketing 💰
Make money from Affliate marketing

Being an affiliate is one of best full-time or side hustle to do online. You get a piece of pie whenever someone buys through your referral link.

How much you make from affiliate marketing is limitless. Their are arrays of product and services to promote and get a commission.

Blogger use affiliate marketing to increase their earnings online. It sometimes earns up 65 percent of their income.

Affliate marketing is simple if you can understand two basics:

A product: Finding just any product to promote does not guarantee any sales. You need a hot products or products that are already selling like crazy.
Traffic: Generating traffic is another phase of affiliate marketing and mostly the important part. No matter how valuable what your promoting is, it makes no sense if your potential customers don't see it.


9. Sell on Jumia 💰

Make money selling on jumia
JUMIA is a Multi Million dollar company that span across major countries in West Africa.

According to Statista, Jumia received a total of 516.5 million as of 2019.

They have millions of product listed on their website. This product are a not all owned by Jumia but, marketers, manufacturers and more.

You get a space to list any product of your choice only on theirs terms and conditions.

Since is a mega e-commerce website, you don't have to worry about traffic.


10. Sell on Konga 💰

Make money selling on konga

KONGA is an online market place like Jumia. It is based in Lagos and operate mainly in Nigeria.

According to Statista, konga has a total visit of 30 million as of 2019.

In January 2021, the site recieved a total of 1.9 million in that month.

You have to visit KONGA or Jumia to see which one resonate with you or you can choose to sell on both places.


11. Create an E-commerce Website 💰

Make money creating a an E-commerce Website

You might wonder, is it possible to own an E-commerce website and earn from it? Yes you can.

Think of an e-commerce website as a shop were you list what you are selling. It could be just shoes, bags, clothings if you deal on it.

Whenever anyone orders your product and payment is confirmed you simply deliver the items to them. It's difficult asking your friends and family to check out your online store.


12. Graphic Design

Make money from graphic designing

Graphic design is a skill that is in demand online. Marketing has gone on a new level and marketers need graphic designers to design an ads, ebook, infographic and more.

You can start out as a freelancer where you get to bid for job as a starter to a professional level.

Why not give freelancer a try.


13. Copywriting 💰

Make money Copywriting

Copywriting is not just as it sounds. A giraffe who spy and copy people stuff. Noooo!

Instead, it is kind of writing that is geared toward achieving a precise target like sales, readership, leads, clicks etc.

Their is a high demand for copywriters online such as writing the perfect sales script, email swipes, sales page, ads and more.

Why not start out as a freelancer.


14. Flipping Website 💰
Make money flipping websites

Flipping website is a good way of making huge side income online. Flipping websites involves selling established websites for profits.

To simplify, is like buying a house and doing some renovating work to increase its value. Before buying a house, the buyer would have to accertain the worth.

Proper evaluation requires, he ascertain the sales values from the buying cost.

If you know much building websites, you can buy them cheap and resell for profits.


15.Flipping Domain 💰
Make money flipping domain

A domain is a registered address or name of any website. is an example of a domain name.

How can you make money flipping domains?

Looking and buying prospective domains cheaply and reselling for profits.

Domain are valuable asset if you can search and appraise their value. You never know you might hit goldmine.

There are domains that sell for cheap, as littles as $15 and can be resold for thousands or millions of dollars. That is 1000% ROI (Return of Investment).

Note that valuable domain appreciates with time.


16. Writer 💰
Make money writing

Writing is a lucrative career. You can make a side hustle from doing what you love

An average writer in the US earn averagely 88,000 dollars per year.

You mustn't be Shakespeare before you can write. You'll get better with time.

You could start with low paying writing jobs. When you've advance and discover you style of writing, then you can bid for high paying jobs.


17. Tutor Online 💰

Make money tutoring online

Who is an online Tutor?

A tutor is a highly skilled person backed with proper certification. Their always an exception online; credential don't matter.

A tutor can make averagely $50 per hours.

Tutoring online, affords you more flexibility compare to offline tutoring.

To make a side hustle from tutoring, you decide to either to get hired or start your own online class.


18. Dropshipping 💰

Make money Dropshipping

What is drop shipping?

According to Wikipedia is the process of taking orders of goods without actually having a stock.

The seller would send the details of the order and address of the buyer to the wholesaler or manufacturer for supply.

So their is a chain of distribution between the proposed seller, to the suppliers, then finally to the buyer.

So, is a win win situation.

The seller makes a cut of profit, aside the original cost of the product.


19. Surveys 💰
Make money from survey

You can make a side hustle filling out surveys.

Surveys are like interviews or questionnaires. you have to fill out a honest opinion on the questions ask.

Most surveys are usually made for those in the European countries. So you end up not qualifying for a survey.

That is why, country like Nigeria don't get a survey to fil.

So, even your honest opinion doesn't matter because such information is not relevant to their research.

If your from Nigeria or unavailable country and want to try surveys, get a VPN. Change your location to the United States and start making money online. Surveys can be from 0.5 to 7 dollars depends.


20. Testing Websites and Apps 💰
Make money testing websites and apps

Can you browse with your phone and surf from one website to another. That all it requires.
You get paid, to visit, and test the functionality of a website.

After testing, you give a honest opinion of either how good or bad the user experience is.

If your from a restricted country, you might want to use a VPN to cut across.


21. Sell Your Own Product 💰
Make money Dropshipping

You can make side hustle selling your own product. Infact nothing beats selling your own product.

Many top affliate marketers will tell you that they made more money selling their own product.

Some products requires gaining some experience in the niche, understand the in and out of the market while some don't.

Get to know your market and products that works, before creating a physical or digital product.


22. Sell Your Own Photo 💰

Make money selling your own photo

Are you a hobby photographer? You love taking pictures of you, nature’s breathtaking beauty, places you visit and more.

You can make side hustle out of it and make money.

Their are websites you can upload your images for free and earn money whenever anyone buys your images. You can earn as high, depending on the value of each image.


23. Instagram 💰
Make money from Instagram

Instagram is hot oo, you can virtually do anything. You can use pictures, videos of you or others to grow your following.

Everything rocks on Instagram😁 You Just need to no the tricks.

Picking the right niche, use the right hash tags and post consistently.

When you have grown decent followers and engagagement, you could make a side income through:

Sponsored ads: look for upcoming Instagram pages that wouldnt mind paying a few bucks to get featured on your page.

Promote affiliate product on your bio. To do this, you need a landing page because Instagram hate it when you put ads directly on their site.

Create an advertising video using and recommending a product with a link in bio or affiliate code.


24. Buy and Sell Products online 💰

Make money Buy and sell product online

Buying and selling is a lucrative business. The good thing is, you can resell offline and online.

This is where mini importation comes in. You buy hot product from China or turkey and resell them online.

These product are sold cheap on websites like Alibaba, AliExpress, and can be resold with a 150 percent profit.


25. Make Money Reviewing Products 💰

Make money reviewing product
A lot of users are searching the internet for reviews about different products. The searcher are actually buyers. They are just looking for more information on the product before buying.

This is where the opportunity is, to review everything about the product and recommend a product.


26. Become a Social Media Marketer 💰
Make money becoming a social media Marketer

A social media marketer is person hired to promote a client's brand through social media.

You are required to create a compelling content that would appeal to your client audience, keep them engaged and grow the page.

A social media marketers are paid hourly. This solely depends on the agreement between you and the client.


28. Create Short Videos 💰
Make money creating short videos

Want to be a celebrity? You might wonder how that is possible? Create a movies of you doing something hilarious or stupid.

It could be videos of everyday routine interest, activities or special activities. It could anything.

Just be yourself and do you

Example of a Nigerian Instagram bloggers who started from scratch is thecuteabiola, brodashaggi and more.



Have a side hustle that put extra money in your pocket is the best way to go. Especially as price of thing in Nigeria is increasing with no mercy. Besides this sides hustle can become full time hustle. You never know.

Give one of this options a try during your spare time and let's see how the things go.


My top Pick is:


Blogging is the best, although it requires time, consistency. So don't cut corners. Do the best with your spare time and make a side hustle of it. You could post 1 or 2 quality blog post every month. No big deal



From Asia to Europe and Africa, everyone makes money on YouTube. It is another sustainable income platform you could hustle on the side. Create compelling videos of whatever people are searching on YouTube and their you go.

How u making money online. Leave a comment. 

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