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In My Generation Acting Wasn't A Lucrative Career - Kunle Afod

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In an interview with a seasoned actor, Kunle Afod to determine how lucrative the acting career is. 

He was asked, if acting was a lucrative career during his generation. He said "No" but for this generation "yes". New school actors of this generation makes a lot of money. 

We see many old time actors unable to take care of themselves and sometimes seek for monitory support when faced with serious medical issues. 


“I am sorry to mention names but let me use the late Baba Suwe (Babatunde Omidina) and Baba Sala (Moses Olaiya) examples. When they were in their prime as actors, how many companies endorsed them? Then, the so-called companies did not see reasons to engage influencers and ambassadors for their brands. But now, every company wants to have one (popular) face or the other to push their brands for them. Do you want to tell me that somebody like Odunlade Adekola who has many endorsement deals is not making more money than those that were there before (him)?”


He said, skit makers makes a lot of money and very soon skit making would overshadow career acting. 


“These days, skit makers and social media comedians seem to be gradually overtaking us. Many of them have YouTube channels and they are doing well, while we that are on the field are promoting other people’s channels. The marketers we give (sell) our movies to create their channels and promote them with our movies. However, some of us have decided to have online TVs, and do it like them. Perhaps, it will put food on our tables.”


He also disregard the thought you must belong to a clique in other to be successful. Stating been part of a clique make the journey smoother.


“It is not necessary for one to belong to a clique to be successful. However, one could join a clique to make one’s journey smoother. It is akin to a law graduate working with an existing law firm before starting theirs.”

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