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[Sticky] How to Create a Buyer's and Seller's Account

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Are you a buyer or seller. Naijakeke Forum is a great place to sell and make money online. We would get you started, in no time. 

Click on the menu on the left black header. Click on "Register". This would take you to the registration page.


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Two Method to Register on Naijakeke 

First method: Fill the form by inputing a username and email. Next, check the boxes and Google Captcha. Next, click the green (Register) button.

You'd receive an email to create a password. Log into your email used in signing up and click on the link to create password.


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Note: For safety reasons use a strong password. Hijackers could misleads buyers or use your account for fraudulent activities.

Tips: use symbols, capital letters, small letters, numbers

Second Method: login or register using the Facebook login app feature. 


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Checking the box, before Signup, means you agree to Facebook terms in relation to our website.

Facebook Login Information
When you login first time using Facebook Login button, we collect your account public_profile information shared by Facebook, based on your privacy settings. We also get your email address to automatically create a forum account for you. Once your account is created, you'll be logged-in to this account and you'll receive a confirmation email.

Once your done creating an account, start by creating your first ads, question, discussion.

🙂You welcome to Naijakeke Forum.

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