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what is the work of...
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what is the work of an environmentalist?

Chinaza Ibekwe
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what is the work of an environmentalist?

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Chuls Brown
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An environmenlist are skilled professionals whose interest and study is geared to protecting and preserving the environment. Speaking of environment its goes beyond just our habitat but also living organisms present in different ecosystem. Environmentalist are specialized in roles of research, education and preservations.

Some Environmentalist serve as scientist, lobbyist, educators.

Environmental Scientists make findings, carryout test and work in laboratory. With their research and findings they are able to broaden our knowledge of our environment. Know possible risk, dangers, hazard and better ways to achieve a safer environment. With their years of research they are able to sensitized and inform the public of new discoveries. 

Environmental Lobbyist tend to work with organizations or government lobbying to create in law, do's and don't that would protect and preserve the environment. Example of this type of law could be laws that protects endangered species, how litters or wastes are managed and disposed. 

Education Environmentalist sensitize the public through education. Some environmentalist are present in schools, communities to teach about the relationship between us and our Environment and their possible impact.