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NGK is a network of community created around one of the fast-paced genre; afrobeat. With specific sections created around afrobeat you can discuss, post, comment, debate, share interesting topics, ideas regarding music and connect with many music lovers.

while some community might not be favorable to you and you might even find some of them offensive, no section of the community should be used as weapon.

Community members should be friendly to each other and respect each other’s opinion on the topic of discussion. Everyone on NGK forum should expect his/her privacy and safety safeguarded and so should respect the privacy and safety of others.

Each section of the music community are made up of users and generated content. Some of the users are given special privileges as moderators to help regular activities in forum. This includes misusing of the forum like spamming.

Please abide by the rules that governed each section of the community.

Rule 1

NGK is a place of human interaction we’re music lovers discuss about music. Please do not attack vulnerable or marginalized a group of people. Everyone on NGK afrobeat forum can use our services for free without harassment. Any user found inciting violence or promoting hate will be banned.

Rule 2

Abide by community rules most relevant to specific communities of interest. Do not try to engage in content manipulation or cheats such as spamming and vote manipulation otherwise engage in activities that disrupt any of the NGK communities.

Rule 3

Respect everyone’s privacy do not try in anyway to instigate harassment or share personal or confidential information without the user’s consent such as intimate or sexual explicit content.

Rule 4

Do not in any way try posting sexual or suggestive content regarding minors.

Rule 5

While it is appreciated using your real names, you can use nicknames or likes of it for identification but do not impersonate any individual, organisation for selfish purposes

Rule 6

Do not post illegal content or engage in illegal transaction in NGK Forum.

Rule 7

Avoid activities that could break or disrupt normal use of it

Control and Enforcement

Communities are managed true moderating but rules are enforced even it requires banning a user to endure control in the community.

We would:

  • Ask you nicely to stop
  • Warnings
  • Temporal or permanent suspension of account
  • Imposing restrictions to account
  • Removal of content
  • Closure of some communities