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[Sticky] Sellers Guides

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NaijaKeke is a decentralized platform for buyers and sellers. Sellers are free to display products and services through posted ads.

Here at naijakeke we break the hassle of selling product online by narrow your advertising to a particular state in Nigeria. Students of any institution in a particular state can advertise items such gas, fan, bed.

Buyers visits the platform to buy product that appeal to their need. Buyers are members and also part of the community. 


Create a Seller Account

Join the platform by creating a sellers account for free. With a sellers account you are authorized to post ads on appropriate sections. 


How to Sell Products

Sellers Contact: For purpose of negotiations, it is advisable to display contact on posted ads. Although, this is completely optional. In the absence of of public contacts, always ask seller to contact through private messages.

Customize Profile: Before buying a product, buyers are found of taking a sneak peep into your profile. They want to know who they are buying from, before deciding to buy from you. We strongly recommend, completing your profile to appear professional.

Profile Contact: This is another important part, although it's optional if seller decide to keep personal contact private. Ensure you connect your social media profiles. This would make you look more credible and not pass up to be a sharp and run seller.

Posted Ads: Note each ads you post are displayed on your profile. Whenever anyone visits your profile he would see your ads.


🚧 Warnings And Precautions 

Please note as caution that their are dubious individual with a selfish interest and a plot to steal.

💄Don't weybill unpaid products
💄Meet buyer in an open location.
💄Don't go alone, have a company
💄Confirm payments before releasing items
💄Don't reveal sensitive information

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