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[Sticky] Buyer's Guide

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NaijaKeke is a decentralized platform. Sellers showcase products and item that could appeal to your need. Here in Naijakeke we help buyers discover and buy product with ease.


Create a Buyers Account

Join the platform by creating a buyers account for free. With a buyer's account you can subscribe to product notifications. For example, if your interested in cars, you can subscribe to get notified when sellers post ads about cars


How to Buy Products

Contact Seller With Public Contacts: Some sellers display their contacts to reach them directly while some wouldnt make it public for security reasons. All the same you can negotiate a deal directly with public contact displayed on a seller profile or posted ads.

Chat: Naijakeke has a chat feature where you can send a private chat to seller. Automatic notification would be sent through email to notify seller of a buyer's interest.


🚧 Warnings And Precautions 

Please note as caution, their are dubious individual with a selfish motive and a plot to steal your hard earned money.

💄Don't make an upfront payment to secure any product (don't send any form of money for card, transport, part payment)
💄Meet seller in an open location.
💄Don't go alone, have a company
💄Confirm items before payments
💄Ensure items are well documented and not stolen